Fear Factor

February 26, 2006

I was not surprised when GMA declared the country under the “State of National Emergency”, I saw it coming. Neither Cory nor Erap tapped this life-saving option while they are under-going the threat of being evicted. Was it fear? What she is afraid of? Was the timing intentional?

GMA has posed to be a strong lady president, time and again she declared that she will not step down. Numerous controversies were thrown on her & her family, several coup attempts, people massed-up and staged big rallies, 10 Cabinet Members left her government in July 2005 & other instances did not shake her presidency. The only thing that she is afraid of is leaving the Palace early.


Bahala na Republic

February 26, 2006

The Philippines has been regarded as the first Republic in Asia. Since 1898, when the independence was declared [under the protection of the mighty North America], the republic was built, history would tell us that the Americans crushed the Republic before it’s take-off.

It’s always a bahala na attitude that’s governing our country. Bahala na ang kano sa rebolusyon, bahala na ang hapon sa mga kano, bahala na ang diyos sa atin, bahala na kayo sir sa amin.

Mabait ba tayo o sadyang tanga? These are the questions that keeps bothering me as a citizen. Now that the democracy that we fought 20 years ago is in danger, how should we react? Bahala na lang ba sila?