Philippine Media Under Fire

First it was the rallies, then the personalities [Randy David, Ka Bel, Ka Satur, Gen. Montaño, etc.], now it’s the media that is being attacked. All in the name of Proclamation no. 1071.

Press freedom is one of the fundamental pillars of democracy, let us not let this regime crushed our democracy. Let us support tha call of nujp‘s call for solidarity.


One Response to Philippine Media Under Fire

  1. myepinoy says:

    remember P.D. 1081. This one is Proc 1071, short by ten, but almost near 1081. So true to what the Gloria and cohorts claim, this is not martial law but almost like martial law. (short by ten)…

    Gloria is losing her touch and she knows that her days are numbered. Hence 1071 should give her a little more time…

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